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Day Trip to the USA

Last Monday, February 15, was a provincial holiday here in Manitoba, Canada. I decided to drive down to Grand Forks, North Dakota. Why? Well, it was a nice day and I wanted to go for a drive (I find long drives in my beloved Mustang extremely therapeutic), I wanted a few groceries I couldn’t get in Canada and I was dying to know what it would be like to enter the USA after my experience less one month before.

Got to the border and it was not busy. There was a lane with two cars, and I thought I saw another lane open – turns out I was wrong so I did some fancy steering to go back to the initial lane. When I got to the booth, I explained where I was going and why. As usual, they ask whose car it is (mine, don’t know why they always ask) and why I was going alone. Well, I like playing the music I want as loud as I want it. I didn’t say that though. A scan of my passport later and I was sent to the garage for inspection.

No one else was in there, so there was no wait. But I got out of the car, emptied out my pockets and purse and was told to flip my pockets inside out. Wow. So I go wait in a little room for a bit and they come out and tell me I can go. Great! Off I go to finish my drive where I picked up about $40 in groceries and filled up on gas.

I was expecting this. I don’t know if this is something that will happen every time, but I would guess that yes it will. Returning to Canada would be a snap I figured.

Nope. Got sent in for secondary inspection there too. This time I really felt the interrogation. I also found it interesting how one officer drew my attention away from what the other two officers were doing with my car. It made me very nervous. But, after a while, I was on my way again.

So, now I know that I will likely have to allow for extra time if I’m crossing the border as I will expect to be taken for secondary inspection. I can handle that.

I have never, ever lied when crossing the border. I declare everything, big and small. I’m always honest about where I’m going and why. Despite the hassles of the past six weeks, this won’t change.

However, I am still pursuing answers about what happened in January and what I can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Still no answers, but as soon as I hear anything, you can bet I’ll be posting it.

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  1. They draw your attention away from the vehicle for a reason – too much attention on the vehicle can make them really suspicious as to why you have all this attention on it.

    It’s nerve racking but almost everyone will get a secondary inspection on both sides. 🙂

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